Ravnstrup Mølle's goal is to give the customer the opportunity for a healthy, gastronomic experience, by providing the best primary products.

Trout is the fish in the salmon family with the lowest percentage of fat.

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Feeding by hand

All the trout supplied to Ravnstrup Mølle comes from the region in Denmark which has the special status: »Fish-disease free«. Our trout farm suppliers operate under the most stringent environmental regulations in the world.


Food is withheld from the fish the last five days before transport. This eliminates the spread of bacteria from the intestines to the meat in the gutting process - a significant advantage uniquely achievable when working with farm fish.

Control by hand

After automated gutting, all trout are cleaned by hand and controlled by operators adhering strictly, at all times, to the following motto, »If it is not good enough for myself to eat, it is rejected«.


The use of computer technology ensures the precise grading, and a high standard in sizing, of the trout.


The process from the moment the trout swim in fresh water until they lay gutted and iced in a transport box is completed within a maximum of one hour. The same time requirement applies in the freezing process. After freezing, the storing temperature is -30°C. All processes are as described in the E.E.C. norm 91/493.


The fillets are cut and trimmed manually in a separate processing department and under the highest hygienic conditions.

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